Stilrent bygge av lowngcawt!

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Rött och svart gillar vi 🙂

5 - 00mNCtI

En guide med en del tips och tricks finns också



Håll till godo 🙂


    • Thanks alot @justinohlsen 🙂
      Sadly this build was a bit too heavy (65KG) and big for me so it had to make room for my smaller build, but i really miss this one. There is something special about it, the nights on Twitch.TV while building live with friends from swerigs watching and just having a blast made this build a special one for me!

      But the new build isn’t bad either.
      I went with the hardline route this time around, mainly to try it and see what its like to work with!

      Will i see you at dreamhack tomorrow? 🙂