“I am Australian with problems for Swedish written grammar… I will save you the torture and write in English instead ;)” -Justin Ohlsen


This is a first hand account of what it was like to be a contestant in the Championship class of the DreamHack Cooler Master Casemod Championship 2015.

DreamHack for the second time this year has been host of the “DreamHack Casemod Championship 2015” PC modding competition, of which I was fortunate to be a part of the “Champion Class” with my PC mod project names “Origami”.

It is a very curious situation to stand on the other side of the fence when it comes to competition, to have my project judged and compared to the best pc projects that Sweden and some of the rest of the world has to offer.

The competition started at 12:00 when the gates opened to show all 12 modded projects to the public and the judges. There was massive interest from the general public who were very interested to see these majestic and beautiful works of art that us modders have dedicated maybe hundreds of hours of our personal time creating.

Soon after come the 4 judges to speak personally with each modder regarding each of their projects. This is our opportunity to sell in our masterpieces for the judges so they get a feeling of who we are, what our work is about and the depth of the mods which have been done. The judges comprised of the following well known profiles in the PC modding scene:
– Johnny Stone
– Hannes Fredriksson
– Lucas Kjellin Gardebrand
– Mike Petereyns



A couple of hours pass, and all of us modders take our prized works of art from the showing area up to the main stage in Hall D just before 16:00. All of us are very nervous and excited to go up on stage and show the live public and those who are live-streaming our projects. We first rotate up onto the stage for a quick introduction of who we are and our project names, then we climb back down to hear which of us 12 would be selected to go back up on stage as the final 4 contestants.

Four modders were called up onto the stage:
– Daniel G Ask
– Hans Peder Sahl
– Tim Pettersson
– Myself

It was time to announce the winners!!

First announced was 4th place.. Which Tim Pettersson with his project called FRAMED was elected the winner. Tim’s casemod project featured a highly poilshed In Win D-Frame Mini with custom radiator grill, brilliant green lighting which was featured on the CPU, under the radiator and on the Nvidia GPU, and modified singled sleeved PSU cables.

Tim Pettersson Framed

Then 3rd place winner was announced: The winner of this prize was yours truly! Needless to say that I was very excited to have the honour of having my casemod selected as earning 3rd place. My project was a casemod featuring an In Win S-Frame with custom pearl white paintjob, custom GPU backplates, custom fabricated aluminium panels throughout, custom mounted radiators at rear of the chassis, custom PSU cables, custom open water cooling loop, custom back panel to protect the radiators.

Justin Ohlsen Origami

Second and first place were announced at the same time, with 2nd place going to Hans Peder Sahl with his scratch built Hexgear R40 Engineering Station, and with 1st place going to Daniel G ask with his scratch built project Tatami.

Hans Peder Sahl’s project R40 Engineering Station features a Hexgear R40 enthusiast PC enclosure which he and Nate George from custom PC modding company E22. Hans masterpiece features extreme cable management which goes from the front side to back via plotted holes through the acrylic. He has also created the entire back panel where the motherboard and GPU IO are into a reservoir and passthrough channels for his entire immaculate custom water cooling loop which link up all of the components.

Hans Peder Sahl R40 Engineering station

First place winner is a very deserving project called Tatami by maker Daniel G Ask – Who poured hundreds of hours into designing and milling his entire PC including frame, radiator mounts, all side panels, power and reset buttons, fan controller, CPU and mofset block, GPU block, pump mounting…. Everything in this project is custom besides from the hardware itself!! All made from aluminium and copper.

Daniel G Ask Tatami

Needless to say that all of us modders from both open and championship classes were very excited to have had the honour of presenting our custom creations to the entire public of DreamHack and to those who watched the live stream from the PC place at the event or even at home. This is a competition that I wish to see continue in the future, and personally wish to be more involved next year hopefully as a judge or even organiser.

An honourable mention to all others who were nominated in the Championship class. Congratulations to all of you, and I wish you all the best of luck in any future projects and competitions!

Alexander YgdénAlexander YgdénAugust LindgrenAugust Lindgren Vintage Reborn Björn Erlandsson ScharpBjörn Erlandsson Scharp

Fabian OlssonFabian Olsson

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Justin is a creative person with a keen interest in PC modding and hardware. He has completed a large catalogue of modding projects over the last years, and now is taking the leap into driving the Swedish modding community on to the international stage.