Regler och information om deltagande i SM i datormoddning 2015!


“I am Australian with problems for Swedish written grammar… I will save you the torture and myself the embarrassment and write in English instead ;)” -Justin Ohlsen

The SMPC2015 SM final entry date is almost here, and it is soon time to choose Sweden’s best PC modding projects for the entire of 2015!

With this information at hand, a quick refresher of the rules in this easy to find article might be handy to have and easily be found for any last minute entries wanting to take part of over 100 000 kronor in awesome prizes!

The entire prize list and rules for this SM competition can be found here as a PDF.

Be sure to read the rules again even if you have already uploaded your gallery as there might be something that you might have missed.

Be sure to check out the complete price table in the link below!